I must say, this is awesome…  How often can one examine his situation and claim ‘No place I’d rather be, Nobody I’d rather be with, Nothing I’d rather be doing’.  If my sweetie’s with me, all 3 are satisfied, if not only two.

Today marks Jana’s first remote Kohler working day, and my first blogging day.  I’ll get better and fancier, maybe.

Maybe not.

Still a little upside down, getting used to it.  One third of our stuff is in the garage, the 19 square meter space a half mile away, about as close as we could hope to find one.  All our container-shipped stuff arrived as wrapped and as identified by the wrappers – so the descriptions of what’s inside aren’t real accurate nor intuitive nor complete.

When we unloaded the container, at a location on the edge of the city, into ‘shuttle’ loads, we shuttled to 3 different locations – house (domu), garage (garaz) and garden (zahrada).  We chose for the container unloaders to leave everything in the garage wrapped, so we could take care of it as time allowed, not fully realizing the volume of packing materials involved nor how full the garage would become.  So the garage is about two-thirds full, and about one-third unwrapped, and Jack Daniels is neither on a description nor yet discovered, but am pretty sure he’s there.  (Denny paid me a 1.75 of Jack as part of some deal..)  As much as I look forward to getting thru all that stuff, I wouldn’t be totally upset if someone broke in and stole everything.. except for Jack..  But unwrapping and opening and discovering is exciting, like gifts from some ‘happy moving’ party, even when it turns out to be something we hadn’t intended to bring along, like the 120-volt clock radio from our bedroom.

Our farewell parties were special, heartwarming.  So many friends and family, so many kind words and hugs.  Like if you could attend your own funeral, only better.  Some words didn’t come, feelings were strong, hugs and handshakes and tears.  And how cool was it to have my fave cousin Nancy Lou and hubby Kevin stay with us at Lake Horseshoe for our final days…

As I become more disciplined, I will add pictures and stories.  Like about when the unloaders arrived at our house – rang the doorbell 30 minutes earlier than the planned phone call (to say they were in the area), Jana just exiting the shower and I hadn’t washed nor breakfasted nor dressed for anything other than answering the door, but soon found myself in a foreign car, with 3 of 4 non-English speakers, providing navigation to garage and garden but with no means of communicating to Jana where in the hell I was…  Like James Bond or Jason Bourne, the mind plays with the situation.

Thank you Tanya for brainstorming the ‘reality Czech’ title, thank you Honza for setting up the blog account, even if it had to be in Montenegro (dot me).  Thanks Liz, Honza, and Tinkie for being great kids.  Thanks Denny for being the best man, thanks Christian for being a great friend and brewing partner, thanks Mary for an awesome gift.  Thanks sibs for being awesome.

Jedna means one.

Sorry to be so far away.  Cesky Krumlov is not just a cool place to live but also an awesome place to visit.





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