The Wellness Program

The daily walk to the garden is part of the Wellness Program, for both of us.  For Jana, the walk is a break from her home office routine, and we get a chance to sit and talk and relax when she arrives..  My favorite distraction..  For me, the walk takes me to a day of good stuff – digging, cutting, scything, pruning, sawing, raking and planning.  Projects on the horizon, short term, are construction of two different levels of flat paved sitting areas to fit the outdoor furniture we brought along, and steps to get to them, and of course, a couple levels of double-dug vegetable garden plots, and a greenhouse of sorts for winter leafy greens, and stone terracing walls between levels.  The design of all this is dynamic, and Jana has given me full authority to do what feels right…

Speaking of leafy greens, ya couldn’t find kale if yer life depended on it….at least where we have looked in Prague & in Krumlov.  So we’re excited to get on with our own… And our first round of sprouting kale seeds just poked thru soil in the starter frame, so we’ll start dealing with rabbits and snails and slugs and a whole new level of challenges once seedlings are set in the ground.  It seems the Krumlov farmers markets no longer occur, and the assortment of organic veggies is real limited – another opportunity for a yet unrealized market..

Anyway, my Wellness Program includes a brisk uphill walk, carrying a backpack loaded with camera, two warm Eggenberg beers, a liter of tap water and yesterday’s compostables.  Half the time, I pass thru the castle garden, with rows of manicured rose bushes and perfect hedges and awesome water fountains, other times I take one of two routes – the fastest just alongside the outside of the castle garden wall, the other thru the town square then meandering up the Krasne Udoli (beautiful valley) road.  All the trips take me past amazing views, this is such a picturesque town..  Upon arrival at garden, I set the beers in the spring-fed creek to cool, put on my work boots, acknowledge the neighbor if he’s there (and he’s usually there) and proceed to do whatever work moves me til I can’t move, then take a break in a strategic spot where I enjoy the view and consider my options and plan my next task, and repeat and repeat.  Tho the neighbor claims to not see for shit, he usually interrupts my tasks to check the sharpness of my scythe blade or correct my technique or to share some advising words.  When he speaks Czech to me, I speak English to him, so we are technically exchanging words, but when we perform charades, the exchange becomes more effective and fun..  After what seems like 3 hours, or when Jana arrives, I’ll enjoy one beer; the other is for the walk home..

When it feels like I’m done being productive, I change out of my work stuff, open #2 and head home.  It’s a downhill trip.  Most of the time, I take the fast castle route, outside the castle garden walls (garden closes at 7pm), passing thru the castle courtyards, admiring the views….  These walks ain’t just good for the ticker, they’re good for the soul.

Here’s a couple related pictures…like uphill scything….


And my Eggie’s cooling…


My favorite garden neighbor sharing plums, and strawberry growing advice with my favorite person…  Note that there are two wearers of Dickies stonewashed bibs in town, me and the neighbor, same size tho look like he’s needing a bit more room..


A cool view down the castle garden inside hedge border, whilst exiting the castle garden.


Friday nite whilst walking home a bit earlier than normal, some folks were launching a balloon…  Note the two closest kids, one with blue hair, the other with pink – no, the circus ain’t in town, just part of the new ‘normal’.

IMG_5027  IMG_5033

And finally, a selfie…


A traffic mirror outside a blind corner outside the castle garden wall..

So far so good…



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