Fungus Amongus

Every day, at the garden, I notice at least one person, usually pretty old, smiling and making the journey down the gravel road from the woods towards town, with a load of mushrooms.  Preferred traditional carrying accessory is a wicker basket (for air flow, preferably made by the hunter), tho grocery bags and little plastic pails also work.  A proud experienced successful hunter will, of course put the biggest and best shrooms on top, for lookers or competitors to see.

For my birthday, I requested my sweetie to join me on a mushroom hunt, to the forest we could see in the distance during our walk to the garden.  Jana learned from her uncles which species are safe to collect and good to eat, so that’s what we look for; there are other edibles but also some dangerous ones, so we stick with what we know…

Thanks to Jana’s ‘map my walk’ app, we know that our fungus collecting adventure covered 6.6 miles, during 4 hours, and burnt 3432 calories…  We live in a low spot, so every walk is uphill, which I trust the app takes into account.

Shrooming is competitive here, we figure that Sunday isn’t a prime finding day, that the real enthusiasts got the best ones in the mornings during the week.  But holy shit, we found a sweet spot, filled our bags half full and pulled ourselves away, leaving many more than we wanted to deal with right now.  Half our bounty are sliced thin and laid out to dry, the other half are in a delicious soup.

We’re nearing the end of the shroom season, for the species we collect..  But the weather and conditions here are pretty perfect.  This past couple weeks we’ve had rainy mornings and steamy afternoons, perfect fungus weather.  Next season, we’ll be more competitive and better prepared to process and store large quantities.

As far as I know, these ain’t edibles, but were abundant and huge…  Jana said she’s never seen so many mushrooms as we did today….  me too 🙂


A happy shroomer, with her trusty knife, useful for both cutting the stem and for peeling the slimy skin off the klouzeks…


Don’t pick the green ones, they’re deadly..


During the walk home, we helped ourselves to a couple dozen of these yellow plums, they’ll be great in smoothies…


Here’s the drying slices…


Of course, the return trip took us thru the castle garden…..which is always worth a couple pictures..


We were shrooming somewhere out yonder….


Another day in paradise!


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