status change

Yesterday, Thursday 9 October, we got up early, opened the front door at 07:00, gave the exterior restoration duet their hose and extension cord and a spare key, and we hurried to the bus station, to catch the 07:30 bus ($2 apiece) to Ceske Budejovice, which is not only the home of Budweiser beer but also home of the regional ‘foreigner police’.  From the main terminal, take either the number 3 or 11 local bus from across the street, in front of the train station ($1 apiece), to the IGGY shopping mall, and the foreigner police building is right next to the casino.  Kinda cool, on the local bus return ride, we were checked by a plain clothes fare-checker, since local buses like the subways & trams, operate more on an honor system where you as rider are responsible for having a valid ticket or permit – so the dude flipped his badge and we showed our tickets pretty invisibly to the rest of the riders.

Tho I was a couple (excusable) days late in submitting my request for extended residency in August after we arrived (who knew they’d be closed at 2 on Thursdays and all day Fridays?), the plain clothes foreigner police duet that visited our home several weeks ago did provide a favorable report of their findings of our living situation, resulting in the department’s approval of my request, and issuance of my own new personal passport-lookin document that I must now carry with me at all times.  Would be easier if they’d simplify this down to drivers license-like, but we happy, and I’m legal for 5 years, as opposed to the standard visitor 90 days limit.

According to their available classifications, my new status is Temporary Resident, but I refer to it instead as “Permanent Tourist”.  A permanent tourist always has his camera along, and takes (and retakes on another day) fotos of the beautiful and charming scenes which are part of daily life in this enchanted city…


Doesn’t matter how many times I walk thru the castle garden on the way to our wellness program garden, ya know, it is just so cool, I can’t help but stop and shoot a picture, to share with my working sweetie, or to compare to a previous foto.  Like these.


This week I tried a couple evening shots, on the way back from gardening work.  Not great but can’t help myself..

IMG_5292 IMG_5307


The sights here continue to amaze me…so it’s my pleasure to be a Permanent Tourist!