getting lost

I get lost in Cesky Krumlov every day, multiple times per day.  It can happen anywhere here – in the house, walking in the city or thru the castle courtyards, in the garden, in the grocery store, on a bus, doing yoga..  It’s not a retirement thing, or memory loss, or an aging thing.  I don’t really suck at map reading and navigating, tho my lack of Czech language skills can contribute.


Years ago, during a visit to Cesky Krumlov, I realized, and expressed to my sweetie that – there is no place I would rather be, there is no one I would rather be with, and there is nothing I would rather be doing.  At the time, we weren’t doing anything particularly romantic – it was just us together, walking in Cesky Krumlov, and I felt the need to express in words what I had just come to realize, because I thought it was cool both to feel this way and to share it..

Getting lost is quite wonderful.  A few nites ago, we watched a Tedx Talk on YouTube, psychologist Polly Young-Eisendrath, on the topic of self importance (as result of me searching for talks on happiness).  In her talk, she defined happiness as that state of being in which you do not want to be in another state – you are not restless nor distracted, you are completely engaged & involved in your direct experience.  My ‘getting lost’ is what Polly defines as happiness..

A list of things to do at the garden is not a guarantee that I’m working on something on the list.  Often, instead I’ll be working on something that needed to get done, that didn’t get thought of when the list got made – like me raking the long dead grass off the hill during January, for the compost pile.  Worked my ass off, collected yards of the precious dry stuff – won’t have time for that task come spring.  And I got lost doing it.  Occasionally I had to sharpen the trusty ol’ scythe and whack some grass to facilitate raking, and I got lost doing that too.. Or when I enjoyed a half hour rest, watching the chickadee feeding frenzy on a newly hung suet ball, occasionally looking straight up into the tangled willow branches.  Then at dusk, when I turned the key to lock the fence gate, I got lost in the journey home, in the distant evening postcard image of our city, in the shadows created by the lights and structures, in having a castle courtyard all to myself, and in the cool arching cobblestone patterns.  And when I arrive home, greeted by my smiling loving sweetie, I next get lost in our almost-finished kitchen, listening to 1970’s music and creatively combining ingredients for a healthy dinner.


Maybe I’d blog more if I got lost less….

I realize that what makes me lost and happy ain’t for everyone.  I know that I am blessed and I am thankful for being able to enjoy all this.  May you find that which makes you get lost, and realize it as it occurs.